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AiSA Alumni Con10u2farm Keeps Up the Great Work!…

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AiSA Alumni Con10u2farm Keeps Up the Great Work! See more at
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Greenhouse Grower

Drought Update: It’s Spreading, But Greenhouse Growers Continue To Adapt

Areas of the Eastern U.S. are experiencing some of the same drought headaches that California growers are all too familiar with. But there are steps you can take to survive and perhaps even profit.

Here’s A Great Way To Bring Horticulture And Schools Together

The Green Plan It Challenge gives school students in the U.K. the opportunity to participate in a 10-week project where they rethink the role of green space and develop solutions to horticulture-related problems.

How To Select The Best Nutrients For Growing Cannabis

With a little bit of knowledge about the requirements of cannabis plants and how they absorb and utilize nutrients, you can confidently select the products you need without breaking the bank.


European biochar trials show promising results

A series of trials with enriched biochar have turned out very well for a group of European growers. During the recent British Tomato Conference, James McPhail of Carbon Gold spoke about the application of their biochar products in both organic and non-organic systems. "When it comes to plant disease,.....

Did you know that LED light affects the flavor of basil?

Basil’s intense flavor and fragrance are what sustain its popularity among growers and consumers. These come from phenolic compounds such as rosmarinic, caffeic and chicoric acids among others, however it has been unclear how LED light influences the development of these. Democritus University of Thrace.....

Colorado grower hops on a new crop

Inside a spacious greenhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado, a kaleidoscope of red and blue lights beam down on rows of hop plants.Hops are a key ingredient in beer, and they typically flower just once a year in this mountainous state. But Bill Bauerle, who runs the greenhouse, recently picked his fourth crop.....

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