Archi’s Acres, Inc. is a farming enterprise that uses hydroponic technology to grow organic produce. Headquartered in Escondido California, the company is owned and operated by husband and wife team of Colin and Karen Archipley. The Archipley’s are a unique combination of talent, vision, commitment and success. Colin is a combat-decorated Marine Sergeant and Karen is a previously successful fashion industry entrepreneur. The Archipley’s founded Archi’s Acres, Inc. in 2006 with two core objectives: 

-The first was to develop a business that would provide business   ownership opportunity for veterans.

-The second was to create a viable sustainable organic produce farming business.

Over the past eight years, Colin and Karen have worked to transform their vision into a successful hydro-organic farming business. Through diligent research of organic farming methods, combined with hard work and unwavering commitment to their vision, they have developed a profitable, sustainable, organic farming business.  

Archi’s Acres, Inc. is a USDA-certified organic greenhouse operation, which grows living basil, cut kale, chard, and other produce. Archi's methods of crop production are not only highly efficient, they also maximize available natural resources, and capitalize on local sales distribution channels.

Archi's Acres has partnered with Cal Poly Pomona's College of the Extended University to create a one-of-a-kind fully accredited agricultural certificate program.  This six-week program is modeled after Archi's Institute's entrepreneurial incubator Sustainable Agriculture Training (SAT)

The certificate program includes six Cal Poly Pomona courses which earn students 17 units of academic credit, in addition to receiving the certificate's.

                                                              (Click here to learn more about VSAT)


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