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Impact Investing in San Diego Combines Profit and Purpose
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Greenhouse Grower

Here’s A Great Way To Bring Horticulture And Schools Together

The Green Plan It Challenge gives school students in the U.K. the opportunity to participate in a 10-week project where they rethink the role of green space and develop solutions to horticulture-related problems.

How To Select The Best Nutrients For Growing Cannabis

With a little bit of knowledge about the requirements of cannabis plants and how they absorb and utilize nutrients, you can confidently select the products you need without breaking the bank.

Sakata Develops New Downy Mildew Resistant Sunflower

‘Vincent’s Choice Deep Orange DMR’ has a deep orange color and a bit more pointed petal form than the other varieties in the Vincent series. It is resistant to more than 10 races of downy mildew that currently affect sunflower.


Indonesian grower innovates in a conservative market

Bingin Mustika owns Plaga Farm. He grows lettuce, tomatoes and herbs on four hectares in the tropical climate on the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali. The Indonesian hospitality industry is an important market for Plaga Farm. Continuity of supply“We sell 90 percent of our vegetables to hotels, restaurants.....

VIDEO: Why more space produces better plants and decreases your energy costs

The average height of greenhouse structures has raised over the last two decades from 5.4 meter in 1990 to 8.2 meter today. Many growers nowadays favour higher and more volume structures in order to better control temperature, humidity and ventilation changes. But what about the energy costs? You would say.....

UK: Commercial pak soi grower increases yield with tower system

Leafy produce and soft fruit growers can increase yields by three to four times with the aid of a new hydroponic growing system which utilises three dimensional space inside a glasshouse or polytunnel, according to Alex Fisher, founder and CEO of Saturn Bioponics.Mr Fisher said: “Our customers have delivered.....

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