Cal Poly's Sustainable Agriculture Training at Archi's Acres



  • Sustainable farming production methods
  • Agricultural Irrigation Planning and Techniques
  • Hydro-Organics (Organic Hydroponic Techniques)
  • Greenhouse Design Considerations
  • Farm Ownership and Management
  • Business Development and Implementation
  • Business Plan Development
  • A Hands-On Training Approach
  • Introduction to/ and Farm Service Agency Loan Programs Training
  • Introduction to the Agricultural Marketplace and Network





Program Information:

Description: 270 Hours Combine

The following courses are offered for this 6 week program:

• PLT 437 Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (3 units)

• ABM 20 - Introduction to Agribusiness Management (3 units)

• PLT 29 - Special Topics for Plant Science (3 units)

• AG 29 - Special Topics in Agriculture (3 units)

• ABM 31 - Seminar in Food and Agribusiness Management (3 units)

• ABM 20 - Independent Study (2 units)

Course Status: Credit; 17 units

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Archi’s Acres, Valley Center

Fee: $4500

Special Pricing: This program is TA, MyCAA and Veteran Benefit's eligible. Please contact your local education center, or fill out the sign-up form (here) so we can provide you with the information you require.

We now offer a 14 week nights and weekends class as well as the 6 week full time course

   Are you interested in the joining the agriculture community? Do you seek to acquire the fundamental skills of self employment or are looking to be more competitive in the job market? How about finding a way to serve your country? SAT has trained transitioning service men and women, as well as members of the general public, to be successful in the sustainable agriculture industry. More than 300 graduates have left our farm ready to help feed our nation the highest quality food available using the least amount of natural resources, while tapping into a fast growing sector with unique opportunities for small business's and family farms.  We assist with the job placement and business creation after graduation of SAT. Our graduates include successful farm owners and workers, soil-testing pioneers, restaurateurs, and owners of food companies. 

  In this program, students will receive training in hydroponics, drip/micro irrigation, environmental control, soil biology, composting, greenhouse management, and more.

  The six-week intensive course meets 8-5pm M-F, and the nights and weekends class meets Tuesday and Thursday nights and periodic weekend days.

  SAT will introduce you to sustainable agriculture as a viable career option. Students will have the opportunity to meet with successful industry leaders throughout the program. This course will bring your skills up-to-date with small-scale organic farming methods, help build your resume, and assist you in connecting with the current agricultural job market.

Archi's Acres philosophy is to look to the veteran and millennial community for assets such as leadership and give them opportunities in a growing industry.

Are you ready for the challenge and opportunity? Then sign up by clicking here!

For Active Duty personnel wanting to attend SAT:

 If you have access to Tuition Assistance (TA)Education office may require you to take leave or if you choose to use your Veteran Benefits, we have a document you can bring to your command to request PTAD.:

Veterans can sign up on line to use Veteran

Refund Policy: SAT Courses

Students will be entitled to a full refund of the fees ONLY if they drop class PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY. 

There are NO REFUNDS as of the after the FIRST DAY of the program.

Click here for program (6-course) registration

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