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A 6 Week course in Organics, Hydroponics, and Sustainable Agriculture.

In Partnership with Cal Poly Pomona

Upcoming VSAT  Dates:

October 13th-November 21st, 2014 In session

                 Course ID#: VSAT-WT-14

January 5th - February 13th 2015

                   Course ID#: VSAT-

January 5th - April 10th  Nights & Weekends

Course ID#: VSAT-

March 2nd-April 10th, 2015

                 Course ID#: VSAT-

April 27th-June 5th, 2015

                 Course ID#: VSAT

April 27th - July 31st   Nights & Weekends

Course ID#: VSAT-

June 22nd-July 31st, 2015

                 Course ID#: VSAT-

August 17th-September 25th, 2015

                 Course ID#: VSAT-

August 17th - November 20th Nights & Weekends

Course ID#: VSAT-

October 12th-November 20th, 2015

                 Course ID#: VSAT-

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